WOYWW # 372 {now & then}

Happy Wednesday Deskers :) and welcome to the mess, ( I did clean after this was shot) If your wondering why the mess is on display head over to Julia's blog here and you can find the link up for this blog hop and play along.

 So, when you arrive at the top of the stairs if you peer over the top of the table towards the wall where I stand when I play this is the view that would have greeted you on tuesday after work. ( I had to clean before I got just one and a half more cards made)
I know the blog has been quiet but, really I have been doing "secret" stuffs for dare to get dirty. some of what you see is either things that were done for things done or things maybe going to be done. ( not sure yet) the center space has monday's happy mail that I carried up and set down to take this shot. ( the bottom of that pile is a box of Clarity brushes) OOOh did I mention they came in a BOX so impressed with that, I have had paint brushes arrive snapped in half before so, the fact that the mfg boxes them makes me happy. after this was shot I did take one out (the smallest one they are huge) and hold it up next to a toybox stipple brush and wow I do like the bristles on these. ( did not play with them yet maybe soon) will shoot shots when it happens.
 This is what I "would" have posted last week or the week before ( I found the shots in my phone when I sent the above table to my computer last night) this is happy mail from Ellen Hutson ( who had a fourth of July sale) and Papertrey Ink because, I was out of so many colors of cardstock I poked around in their dies section after and a few followed me home.

I have not colored every single day of the 30 day challenge ( again, not surprised) but, when I have colored I have binge colored stacks of things one thing that I have been playing with is these Daniel smith dots using them with my QoR watercolors too. ( so my paint tubes wish list has grown mentally)
It never ends does it?
anyways, we are currently STILL being outside as much as possible right now so, I will work on some garden shots too. the front "deck" ( that will be the bottom of a porch is mostly done now complete with rocking chairs on it) and I have been spending some of that shade time there rocking the last couple of days too. fun stuff. thanks for stopping by :)


Shaz Brooks said...

Hi Stacy, you will LOVE the Clarity brushes, they are so soft and give a fab coverage. So smooth.They are very impressively packed, I agree. Barbara is very proud of her products though, and wants everything perfect. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #3xx

Sharon Madson said...

I am looking forward to the garden shots. How did the garden show go? Did lots of people go through? Or have you had it yet? Great desk shots! #46

glitterandglue said...

Hello Stacy. You are one incredibly busy lady this week. So much going on with your desk, so much to peek at. Enjoy your new brushes.
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #5

Lisca Meijer said...

A busy desk, and the paint dots are great. I had never seen them.
Looking forward to seeing photos of your garden,
Have a great week,

Lea.H said...

new brushes, sound awesome! even better that they arrived in one piece, and not broken like your others! Lea #50

Sharon Koole said...

Wow lots going on! Your desk looks busy. I love all the goodies waiting to be used. Hope you'll share some of the 'secret' stuff when it is finished!

Have a great week
Sharon K #37

dmgarafalo said...

Good for you, to enjoy the weather while it is nice, I am always inside at my craft desk! This weekend, I will get out a bit when family stops by for a pool party. have a blessed day, donna #41

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I don't blame you for wanting to make the most of the good weather - look forward to seeing the shots of all your hard work :-)
Hugs, LLJ 11 xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh yeah, you're totally preaching to the choir about the clarity brushes! Love the idea that this is your view as your rise atop the stairs, how marvellous! Spend as much outdoor time as you can, need porches and rockers....bliss!

Angela Radford said...

Hi Stacy, thanks for the visit to mine. Desk looks busy this week but I understand you wanting to spend time in the garden, it's the best place to be while the weather is nice being doing that myself which is why I am still catching up with my visits. Have a lovely weekend and happy belated woyww, Angela x 19

BJ said...

Gosh loads of stuff there, nice dies. Thanks for visiting me BJ#10