WOYWW #370 {Happy Mail & Coloring}

Happy Wednesday Deskers These are all tuesday desk shots with a monday afternoon garden glimpse. If you have not stopped by on a wednesday before you can find the link up for this blog hop at Jan's blog here while Julia Recuperates.

 Yesterday was day 1 of the current 30 day coloring challenge, and knowing that it was going to be a LONG day at work I grabbed the folding pallet of mostly QoR watercolors and the Daniel Smith dot card from the Hero Arts kit, 3 brushes a plastic well and a few heat embossed ( wplus9) blooms ( which really did not take up much room at all and my desk at work has a glass top on it) so, the work in progress shot before this one made it on to instagram and this is what it looked like when I stopped. so, a few weeks ago I picked up a couple of tubes of a different brand of watercolors and it turns out they are opaque. ( who knew they made that kind? not me, so far up till this point all my watercoloring mediums were translucent) (not, sure I really like them either, because of that) So, I did order a whole complete Daniel Smith dot card to play around with.

 So, while I was at work I received happy mail from Paper Sweeties one of the super sponsors from the recent coffee lovers blog hop and here it is. (I am hopeful about coming home from work earlier today than I have for the last week and hoping to play with it all) I did carry up the painted mums when I went up for this shot yesterday evening and off to the side are things that were used on some of my Dare to get dirty samples. ( any wild guesses?) :) you have your fan club membership active so you can play along with us right?

oh, the garden committee people did come by two Saturday's ago and DO want the Veggie garden on the tour so, this was shot on Monday evening because, they need some mug shots for the paper and the newsletter or something. not sure if they will actually use this photo or not because, they wanted to come take their own yesterday during the middle of the work day and I told them they needed to come by on a weekend if they wanted their own mug shots. ( you know like when we are actually home ha ha) This was shot on a ladder in the southwest corner of the front yard looking east northeast-ish. behind this ladder is pasture that the sheep are grazing in. So, that's about it for me right now. its water, weed & wait season here. and this cold is determined to linger on so, it feels like every "done" thing is a big accomplishment still.


Shaz Brooks said...

Hi Stacy, no, the sanitiser won't get rid of the cloudiness, that is millions of fine cracks caused by the SO cleaner.That's there forever, I'm afraid. I ended up throwing a couple away, they were so cloudy they were useless. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #5xxx

Angela Radford said...

Hi Stacy, garden looks good. The colouring looks interesting too. Thanks for the visit to mine and happy woyww, Angela x 16

Sharon Madson said...

Oh, my goodness! That is your garden? It is fabulous! And what a great photo shot you got!
And, I am paid up and ready for DTGD! Can't wait. It is like Christmas! What day does it begin? #46

Sharon Koole said...

Congrats on being added to the garden tour. Your garden looks fabulous. The colouring looks very nice - it is a great way to relax.

Sharon K #27

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Firstly, a big yay for no Linky problems - woohoo!! Then, very well done on getting added to the garden list. Yours looks immaculate, mine needs a bit of TLC at the moment!
HUgs, LLJ xxx

Diane Futrell said...

Cute stamp & die set. All I could think was "Do you know the muffin man?" and then Theme to Shrek popped into my head!!
Have a great day!
Diane #24

Kelly said...

Gorgeous garden shot. congrats on being selected for the garden tour. How fun! Looks like you've found new toys to play with. That is always inspiring! Creative Blessings! Kelly #30

dmgarafalo said...

enjoy the coloring challenge, the flowers looked great. don't mind me - still catching up from Wed. donna #34