WOYWW # 357 Sentiments and loot

 So, as it happened on sunday I had decided to heat emboss a sentiment on a sheet of printed paper... and since I had all the mess out it kind of snowballed from there with the idea that you may as well make some more (heat embossed ready to use sentiments) and eventually moved into things that will work on Christmas gift tags for the booth next fall... So, that continued on monday. and this is what I walked up to tuesday afternoon. I have also been chatting with like minded people who do the craft fair booth thing and create all year, and I started thinking you know if you did a lot of this little stuff longer (rather than every day in Oct.) you could have more free time next Oct... which would be great. So, on the paper cutter is a at a glance calendar / planner. ( its not decorated inside ) it has a pretty cover which works for "good enough" in my world I just needed a place to stick sticky notes that contain the info of card uploads ( stuck to the days of the calendar that things need to go live) ( like today is day two of the april release for two paper diva's) kwim? way way on the left there is a purple pile. that is my Our Daily Bread Designs bundle that arrived in the mail on monday night while I was making too big of a mess to do anything but take it out of the wrapper.

 by this point I was totally over the making a mess and was ready to start die cutting these so they could be used later (quickly) I don't do assembly line in the traditional make 30 of the same thing kind more like make 30 similar things with different papers or words.

 I gathered them up into similar or same sentiments and put in clear envelopes by size mostly and gathered them into a basket so they would be handy to grab when the mood rolls around to get rolling on the Christmas stuff. ( probably gift card holders will go first I think) off to the left are some sentiments I unmounted that the foam did not come off the rubber (yet) I am considering nuking them in the microwave to get that foam off. behind that is a tiny bird stamp from SU. ( I cannot find it in any of my old big books from them so, I think it may have come from a set from a mini catalog in 1999) (anyone recognize it?) over to the right is some washi tape I was thinking for a little while of making little tiny cards using some up in a just a note kind of a thing for the one with the birds on it.

What came in the bundle. I did open all the dies and cut one of everything of the frilly ones (with wax paper) and thin (80#) Neenah for both sets and they all did cut beautifully. ( YAY) So, that is what is going on here. I am probably going to be heading out to weed flower beds on the nicer days for the next little while so, not sure how much crafty stuff I will have to share.
If you'd like to play along with us, shoot a shot of what you are pushing around in your space and link it up here on our hostess Julia's blog. & thanks for stopping by.


Sharon Madson said...

Hi Stacy! I beat you by one number! I am just above you at 52.
I absolutely love ODB and am so envious of your ODB bundle! And if you think you have a mess wait till you see my area! :) Have a wonderful WOYWW!

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Is the bird from the SU set Feathered Hope? Love those frilly new dies. You've really gone to town making up sentiments for upcoming projects. PJ #57

Shaz Brooks said...

Hi Stacy, busy gal! I'm with you on the advance making of stuff, hence all the butterflies this week. Let me know if nuking takes the foam off the u/m stamps, as I have a few with reluctant foam on that I'd like to clean up. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #9 xx

Diane Futrell said...

Nice bunch of goodies. Good idea with making an assembly line.
Have a great day.
Diane - WOYWW #30

Sandy Leigh said...

Stacy, you have the right idea! Get a lot done while you have it all out--I really need to do that more with my card making especially. I love those Our Daily Bread sentiments so much! Have a great week, and thanks for visiting. Sandy Leigh #43

Elizabeth said...

You sound very busy, Stacy, and your plan is a sound one ... in theory anyway. I have a few Our Daily Bread sentiment stamps and I really like them. I'll be out in the garden too when the weather gets better. Many thanks for your earlier visit and comment - it's much appreciated. Wishing you a wonderful week. Elizabeth x #41

Sharon said...

Lovely new dies. Have fun with them!
That's a good idea with the sentiments. I don't do craft sales but when I'm making cards I sometimes forget the sentiment and then rush right before I'm sending out the cards. It would be easier if they were on hand and so organised!

Happy WoYWW
Sharon K #42

Kezzy said...

Wow so much to see on your desk. I love the idea of preparing, I always do it way too late and the way you have stored them, brilliant. Love all those new goodies. I am like that, I started stencilling one thing yesterday and then decided seems I had the modelling paste out I might as well get a load of ATC's stencilled at the same time so they were ready for swaps lol. Happy Woyww :-) Kezzy xxx

Angela Radford said...

Hi Stacy, thanks for the visit to mine. Sorry I'm a bit late this week but I had a migraine Wednesday afternoon and spent the rest of the day in bed but I'm back now Lol! Looks like you're busy this week. Happy crafty belated woyww, Angela x 24

Aimeslee W. said...

Geez, woman, you have given me the watercoloring bug for realz. Yours are lovely! In case no one has helped you out with that phrase on Julia's blog, to wit: ""Bob's your uncle" is a way of saying "you're all set" or "you've got it made." It's a catch phrase dating back to 1887." - per Wikipedia, "others have suggested that the expression arose after Conservative Prime Minister Robert "Bob" Cecil appointed his nephew Arthur Balfour as Chief Secretary for Ireland in 1887, apparently surprising and unpopular. In this sense, the expression also carried a hint of sarcastic envy or resentment, rather like "it's who you know, not what you know" that gets results, or "easy when you know how". Since then, the meaning has become acknowledging, announcing, or explaining a result or outcome that is achieved more easily than might be imagined."