another denim sneaker

I did put together one of the extra sneakers I cut when I made the other card a couple of weekends ago, and this version there are 1/16" teeny eyelets in the holes instead of using the paper ones the die cuts. the paper hole reinforcer's end up looking like 1/8" sized eyelets once they are glued on but, the hole is not actually big enough for the shank of a 1/8" eyelet to go into without cutting all new holes into the die cut. ( which might work better for a sneaker cut from cardstock but, my brain said if you have to cut 10 new holes to fit the metal ones don't use them, this was an attempt to save some time.) also wound the scrappers floss through the holes like they were really on a shoe. so I am thinking this one looks a little more real. not sure I like the denim ribbon much either, its soft enough to work with but, it also frays too.

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