Denim Chucks

 So, last Week the how to use it challenge was to be inspired by ad's... and I have not subscribed to a printed magazine in a long long time. ( I pick them up once in a while when I drive 80+ miles to visit barnes and nobels in person but, I don't watch much tv either so, I popped over to pinterest and typed in ad art. ( oh wow talk about a lot of inspiration) I found one that was for converse sneakers that I liked but, it had a lot of colors on it and alot of graphic oh whats the word, the style would be very high tech contrast type of a thing) so, I waited until I had more time last Saturday and typed in just converse ads... and I came across the one posted below. So, changes were to make the sneaker themselves out of denim and to switch the sentiment from inspirational/encouraging to more of a birthday vibe. ( its blank inside)

 The denim is paper backed denim in a 12" pad from die cuts with a view and it was cut with the My Favorite things hightop all star sneakers die  the textured white is bazzill and the smooth is neenah. (all those hole reinforcers are paper die cuts in a 1/8" ish size so, its a little time consuming to glue these together. )  I did use a small round paintbrush and liquid mono glue.I threaded some karen fosters scrappers floss through the shoe lace holes and taped them the ends on the back side.  the sentiment is also from MFT. the base is some fancy pants corrugate and its A-6 in real life.

The ad I knew I could tinker with.

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Barb said...

Your sneakers card looks great. Love it. Barbxx