WOYWW #314 Stamping again

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It's always a funny thing to me when I take a break from stamping how it goes to start again... a while back I said I would host one of the upcoming VSN challenges this coming weekend so, the push to get some samples made for the other challenges has started. tossed a die I used on one over the top of it to keep it a surprise. this was a new one that came in the mail recently. off to the right are a couple still on the to-do lists. along the back behind the coffee are some stamps I thought I may use. and the cat the cat was found in an antique store in VA Beach a few weeks ago and I only paid 3.00 for it, and really I only bought it because, I have seen those kilbian stamps go for big bucks on ebay over the years. its kind of a surprise how small it is. the stencils over on the left need cleaned as I had used one to smoosh ink through attempting one of the samples that since was disassembled because, it was the ugliest card I have ever produced in a while. the other I used some spray on it and it turned out useable. I am still fighting with the internet at my house so, I hauled my laptop to work today to do this post. not sure when the catch up post will be done. I am also spending way more time outside right now than any other time of the year so, the cards will be few and far between this summer.


Princess Judy Palmer said...

Good to hear you are back to stamping and creating. It is always interesting to see what it is that gets us going again. I have a Kilblan cat stamp, the cat is looking into a box of pizza. that one is rather small. I used to have several of them but they were all big and I didn't use them too often so I sold them (however, not for ridiculous amounts of money on ebay). Happy playing! Judy #56

Eliza said...

It is always good to stamp but sometimes we just need to change things around and try other avenues sometimes, I find I always come back to stamping. I couldn't zoom in on the cat stamp for some reason, now I am totally intrigued.

Hugs Eliza & Yoda

April Story said...

Technology is great when it works. But frustrating when it doesn't. Nice purchases.
April #50