{some random Vacation shots}

 So, I found these luggage tags on amazon before we left... and they made me laugh.

 first flight for hubs before takeoff... he wasn't really that nervous just funny.

 when you grow up on the west coast its a funny thing to see the Sunrise over the water.

 and the tractors came out every morning and smoothed away all the footprints from the previous day. ( which struck me as even funnier)

 the reason we went to this particular coast.

The last sunrise on the day we left for home the clouds had started rolling in and I guess it rained a lot the week after we were there the streets flooded.
Most of the photos I took are from the Jamestown settlement in Williamsburg and some things from the day we went out junking through all the antique stores we found in Va Beach during the day while J had to work. so, maybe I will do a treasure hunting post soon.


KarinsArtScrap said...

fabulous pictures Stacy and great stamping time.
Gr Karin

Eliza said...

I laughed at the luggage tags and those tractors have to get rid of the footprints, doesn't the tide come in and wash them away? Well the tide does that here. Loved hubby's expression on the plane too.

Hugs Eliza & Yoda