May 14th WOYWW 258

If your curious about why the mess is on display head over to Julia's blog and play along. 
there are why and how to pages at the top of her blog. 

It's still Wednesday in my world for a few more hours.  this week has still been finding me playing with the watercolor pencils and paints. I think so far the attempts look mostly like a third grader colored them but, I think that is just a water control thing right? I dunno yet, the jury is still out on if it will "grow" on me, I like other people's water coloring so, I am hopeful its just a matter of playing with it enough for that to happen. So, monday I seen this cool texture used on something Vicki Gould made that she said was "snow tex" and I had some time to kill tuesday morning between arriving in the city where I pick up the ice for work and Costco opening so, I ran into Micheal's and asked the checker if she had ever heard of it, she had not but, she got on the phone and some mystery person told her it hides in the back corner near the restrooms in their store. I found it, have not opened it yet, I also picked up a little notebook that said it is a mixed media like sketch book. ( the pages look like they will tear out later if you wanted) so, today I was messing around with swirling an acrylic paint dauber on one liked how that looked its in the far top right of this photo. so, started another piece doing the same thing but on watercolor paper and then added some darker green paint to the bottom in streaks started thinking flower meadow here. ( yes, this is really basic no planning behind it ) and the sky was ranger distress stains. and I have since stamped some blooms on it and put one layer of watercolor pencils & water over that. I had stamped these same flowers on just neekid watercolor paper and colored them first with only the pencils and this piece has dried warped and the piece that you see on the table that has the acrylic & stain on it, it has dried flat. ( that's a cool thing to me to see) anyways sorry for the long winded ramble and thanks for stopping by! 


Angie said...

Oh how fun! Isn't it fun to just play and see what happens?! Even when my experiments don't work out, the play has been therapeutic! Your backgrounds look great! I can't wait to see what you create with them! Sorry you won't be around for VSN but sounds like you have a bit more important events going on at that time!

Chrysalis said...

Do show how the snow tex turns out, won't you? Keep going with the water colours - they look fab to me. Have a great week, Chris # 23

Nan G said...

Love the watercolors and the painty swirls is looking good. Oh my look at the pretty colored images! Yep, snow tex...I have it forgot what to do with it. The purple gun thing on my beading desk is a lighter. Cool huh. My BF found for me so I won't burn my fingers as the flame is above them. I need to find another one. Thanks for the earlier visit! Hugs and Happy WOYWW! Nan G #15

Carole said...

It seems every one is water coloring. The on line water color classes sound good, but I have enough to play with. The sketches to the right look great and what's the little green head popping out the lower left corner...looks pretty cute, maybe it's a turtle. Be well thanks for the visit.

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Stacy,

I enlarged your photo and I think your coloring looks great! I hadn't heard of snow tex either. You'll have to show us how you use it and what it's like to work with.

Thank you for visiting me!
Happy belated WOYWW
Peace, Kay (35)