So, I think you may have seen this notebook in one of the WOYWW shots a couple of weeks ago. this is the cover of it. the Pink painted watercolor paper was just laying around and was big enough to cover the printing on the cover. the poppies were done somewhere after the embossing folder print was done maybe on Thursday maybe Friday. ( forgot already) The vintage dictionary page has a definition of "wonderful" visible. 

just an angled look even with all the layers its still pretty flat except the metal parts on the left. 

This was the first page just had swirls from the top of a foam dispensing acrylic paint tube ( ranger distress) the cheescloth is a scrap that was done for some Prickley Pear things this last month and the butterfly was also done for that ( never used it have a pile of them left over) its heat embossed and colored over with a marker) 

and then I had second and third thoughts about even posting these pages because, they are not "journal-ed" maybe that will come later right now they are just a collection of things I have been playing with and or what ever I learned from that process. its mostly a memory book for me. 

This was done following coming across Dina's sanded pencil tutorial ( found here) but, I had taken all my watercolor pencils in the house so after I watercolored some ranger inks through this stencil and it dried I spritz it with some water ( it was too much ) and then I sanded some Koss Pastels (that water activate) onto this there was some darker green at the top right corner and then haha I used the same piece of sandpaper for the bottom left corner with a brown and I whacked the back of the sand paper harder that time to get the crumbs to jump ship into the water right? and then I decided to mop this excess water up with a paper towel and dragged it towards the bottom and that is where the streaks came into play. it was actually all fairly neat and orderly before that. 

off to the side is the center of a heart shaped food doily that was applied with some Claudine Hellmuth Matte studio medium ( it's something like modge podge kind of a thing) which I would have used if I had found any in the closet. ( guess I used it up and forgot about that) and I learned that it does not do well with ink. the sentiment was stamped with some stream adirondack and where the matte hit it it started to run in the T of the heart. So, its a good idea ( for me ) to have something that is not expected to be come a finished piece that is for someone else or even for sale later. kwim? 

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