April's found treasures

 the Weekend of the 7th we found a twine holder, an Lennox heavy wood divided tray ( I think it may have been for silverwear but, not sure ) some wool sweaters to felt, long zippers, stray lace.
 Thinking the one on the left with the cool texture may be able to become a lined bag. ( have not done it yet )

 The tray has become a project life type organizational station. more photos on this later. This was "day one" of shopping the stash and finding free printables on pinterest.

The weekend of the 14th. 
We Think this wooden bucket may be an sewing bucket. not sure, its clean may put mine into it for that.

 Guys are gonna make me shelves for these ladders for display

 found a ton of ribbon bows and little flowers at one on the weekend of the 14th same sale as found the ladders.

 The weekend of the 21st found an tiny kinda printers drawer. ( has since been filled with sentiment stamps) a big bunch of doilies ( some are machine made some handmade ) another blue pyrex bowl. two jade Chineses old bowls. buttons, spools patterns maps. the tall skinny silver 1/2C measure was made in Italy its been added to the PL tray to hold banner type sized sentiments.

 just a different angle.

 Also found this baby's room sized dresser. moved it into my craft room they the people selling it must have spray painted it lightly right before I bought it. I will repaint it and change the knobs someday but, it the day after has red crayon visible under the paint haha.
The green chair is gonna get a hole cut into the seat for a flower pot insert.

 Chippy sewing machine table drawers.

 This weekends finds. the Oak cassette holder is on a lazy Susan and has the same inserts on the back side of this. Probably will put ink pads in it. the chippy white enamel bucket was just because. May use it for a waste can or something. The suitcase is NOT BLUE YAY. and in fairly good shape. the funny thing is. Yellow is not my favorite color so its funny to me how much of it I came home with this week. the Apron was too pretty to leave behind. like wise the doily my collection did not have a yellow one. but that sewing box. haha. ( I may paint this ) It looks like a big bumble bee to me. I was not going to buy it because I knew the contents were not worth 5.00 to me but, hubs looked at the box and said that would hold a lot of little cards in a display on the table. ( sold )

More twine holders :) the one on the left is older then the usual find and has a Los Angels glass mfg molded into the bottom and the bottom curves pretty too. found some vintage type writer correction papers, some star shaped sequins and some regular sequins. 

 More pattern tissue, old maps ( not in good shape wont hurt my feelings to die cut it ) { I hope } so far every old book that's followed me home has not been altered as of yet.

 Bag of vintage clothes pins, box of Glasine envelopes, two more tins of cool vintage buttons.

 Just another view

 Some odd jewelry for adding to big flowers. the playing cards are round. ( will fit on a card front )

 How the box displays open. its entirely  made of wood ( besides the screws ) no plastic on it.

 a peek inside.

 The COOL thing. and those bingo cards are HEAVY cardstock.

Funny thing all the B letter row numbers have extra red in the white space of the chips. ( these are wood ) and the numbers are raised on them like a press/carve type thing not flat paint.
I'm missing a photo of the Vintage fishing bait bucket hubs got this morning and some concrete curve working tools he got yesterday but, for the most part this is what has followed us home this month.

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