Yard Progress

So after i wrote last, We had KID out here ( irrigation district) and they said they will remove the concrete drive over bridge and that they would be starting in our yard and that if we dug out the water pipe that crosses the bottom of the canal they would come along with their backhoe and make a deeper trench for the water pipe to go deeper for us. and that they would be starting in our yard friday am...
So this little trench you see here had a sprinkler pipe in it and I dug that out by flash light last night, and DH and his dad took out the two foot bridges and exposed the other pipe ( that drains the floor of the garage and all the rain gutters on the garage into the canal)
Looking west at the front of the barn
So Friday night after work DH cut a hole into the pipe that we get our yards irrigation water from to connect the drains in to it ( under the plywood) and finished exposing the water pipe in the canal ditch.
And removed the cedar fence on the North side of the canal. so these were shot friday AM. ( as you can see KID is NOT in my yard...) when i got home from work friday afternoon they were digging at the other end of the canal to the south of our property... ( no telling when they will get here) hahaha.
so. this is it for now, I have received another birthday card and an Survivor card from the stampshack but have not photographed them.

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