Some more Happy mail Cards

This one came to me from Jaymerz in the splitcoast wish rak group. :)
This one came to me from Kathi 127 as an RAK Challenge card, ( evidently part of my address is part of her phone number haha) lol : )
This one is an Birthday card from Angie ( Shuggy )
This is Kim ( Spartymom's) survivor card She mailed me a quarter of those cute crab images to play with too. :)
This one is Christie's Survivor card. :)
I have gotten some emails and comments in the past about the happy mail i receive, and i have to tell you i think its just simply i belong to cool groups of stampers and i mail out a lot of cards, and a lot of images, ( i spend a small fortune on postage actually) so, i think its just a case of what goes around comes around... if you want happy mail you need to be mailing out happy mail. ( esp. when you don't feel happy at all ) because, that's when your most likely to receive some.
I got my very first Christmas card of this year in the mail today. ( from Sherri flipflops!!) but, its already too dark to photograph it... I may wait till after the holidays and do one big holiday happy mail post. and i think I may stop posting these cards after that. I don't know if you realize this but, it does take a little bit of time to photograph them then add each makers name to the photos. (that's the hard part looking up the info when you think of them by their real name) :)
If i knew how to make a poll I'd start one that said do you think happy mail posts should continue in 2008 or do you only want to see projects made by the person whose blog you are visiting?
anyways feel free to comment on that one, its something I'm curious about...


Stampin' Meg said...

I love your "happy mail" ,Stacy. Keep it coming in '08!!!

Linda M. said...

I agree with Meg. I love seeing your Happy Mail and what you do with the stamped RAK images you get.