frustrated and tiered

So, Yesterday on Veterans day someone from the irrigation district decided to come by and drop off a letter (dated yesterday) that they will be coming in at the end of this week to put in an Pipe in the irrigation canal and that their right of way for this is 15 feet from the center of the ditch in both directions. so 30 feet wide, we are to remove all fences, structures, bridges etc before the end of the week. now mind you my husband leaves for work before the sun comes up and gets home well after dark... So this is looking north when i got home from work today.
This is looking North about an hour and a half later I cant move that peach tree it will kill it, and I cannot move a fully loaded half a wine barrel sized planter either.
This is looking south, when i got home from work today as you can see there are two more foot bridges in this direction, there is also city water going to the barn that runs under and across the canal about where i am standing, then there are also sprinkler pipes hidden underneath of the foot bridge closest to where i am standing looking south.
I have not moved much from this side yet, just one clump of iris and one Yucca Plant so far. I'm thinking to get that last Shasta Daisy clump tomorrow, and have DH move the blueberries ( in the wine barrel) and let the rest of the iris and Yucca go.
They plan to put a huge pipe into the center of the ditch and then fill it all in with dirt and make the yard flat. I'm hoping we can convince them to bring in the equipment through the gates... ( and hope they miss that peach tree too) The fustration comes in that, they had to have known they planned to do this, why they could not have given us more notice ( say before a weekend) then to just say you have a week to get it all out of our way is like ha this is not funny) that chain link fence in the cement you see is also within the 15 foot mark on the west side of the canal as are all of the Hawthorn trees.


KardKrazy said...

Holy crow! Like you said, they knew before, they could have notified you. Unbelievable!

Tami said...

Those people are nutsy. You can't do all that in a few days. So sorry you have to deal with all this hard labor.

reflections:0) said...

How are you coming along Stac? What a job... Leave it to our great state to throw this at you with little or, no time...:0(