So Far this week...

This really cool card came to me from Jan ( Far North ) on exactly my birthday with
These other really cool goodies too! ( Yep your right Jan that green is perfect for leaves... I have never seen these pens before so, I'm thinking i will be hunting them down soon to see the other colors! ~ I can't believe the thought and time you spent on this for me it, just blows me away!) Thanks so much!
I know what your thinking... ( this is a store bought card)
And your right, hee hee and when i got to the bottom layer
I found a note from my mom that said what a neat card idea eh? ( which made me laugh out loud because right about the time i realized there were windows in the top layer i was already thinking this would be such a cool design to CASE! Thanks Mom!
This is such a tiny work of art, you have no idea how much this blows me away.
This card came to me from Beth, and the wrapped part along the bottom and the scalloped square are both done on watercolor paper and PAINTED! can you imagine? ( I am like a baby with watercolors in real life so this is like such wow! to me) Thanks Beth!
This is how it opens. ( which took me a minute i kept turning it over looking for the fold haha) I have never seen this design in person before.
This one came to me from PeebsMama ( Susan ) It has some gel pen work all over it and the punchie flowers are bling bling too in real life, but it was almost impossible to catch it with my camera.
This one came to me from Meg, and again this is an design i have never seen in real life before with the spinner to dangle on it, and of course this gorgeous U atc. :) ( I'm so tempted to pull this apart to see how you did it)
This one came to me as an Thank-you for a wish i granted from Jean at Splitcoast and I don't know if you can see it but the little vampires cape is all bling bling over the colors. Thanks Jean!
This is something i put together just a few minutes ago, need another Nov. birthday card to go out TODAY. so this is pretty simple, I had borrowed the best of cluck set from my mil last night when J was trick-or-treating her, and this set with the flowers and butterfly and sentiment block is stored in the same box as the chicken stamps... ( so its on my table right now, don't know the name of the set though) the tiny happy birthday is from the su set called All holidays and its stamped on yellow hand made paper from Provocraft Ive had a few years now. the Background is chalked shades of blue. the colors are a little off on this one.
When we were on our way home from Portland last week we stopped in the Joann's in Medford as i had two coupons and i dragged Tim in with me, but all i found to buy was this cuttlebug snow folder so this is the first thing i have done messing around with that, its embossed in soft sky cardstock then has Not Quite Navy rubbed over the top of it. the snowman is also stamped in same color ink the large oval from A Muse was stamped in two colors of Chalk ink from Fresco. ( Ive done this before so if you find something soft sky it lists the ink color in that post) off the top of my head i don't remember this is something i tossed together last sunday afternoon.
This is some things i did with the scraps from making that card and granting some snowflake embossed wishes.
That's about it for now, Monday i had two vaccinations ( tetanus booster and Meningitis.) which made my shoulders ache ( really bad for one of them but i don't know which shot went into which shoulder but, one of these took me a couple of days to feel normal again after. so today i get the paper work at work about how Blue Cross will pay for flu shots if you go to certain places to get them. but, when i got the others on monday i had to sign a paper that said i had not received any other vaccinations in the last 30 days. So tomorrow is the soonest the lady who schedules the surgeons surgery is will hear back from the Insurance and so, now my family has their fingers crossed its more then 30 days from last monday so i can get a flu shot ahead of time too. (haha) I've never ever had a flu shot so, I'm not so sure i want one. :)
Last night the book store called and said the book we ordered had finally arrived, so right now I'm reading "Hear again, Back to life with a Cochlear Implant ~ Arlene Romoff" It is going pretty fast for me because it kinda reads like a "dear diary" type story so when your used to reading Blogs its an easy read.


Fink said...

You are so lucky to receive all those cards. I love the navy ink across the snowflakes!

Fink said...

Stacy you have been tagged. Questions are on my blog

Penny said...

More really lovely cards, you lucky girl! Love the embossed snowflakes and your Mum is right, it IS a cool card idea!!

Nancy Maxwell James said...

the cards are really beautiful! I especially love the snowman one.
I had to chuckle because I drag my own husband in the store so we can get two items! :)