Playing Catch-Up with some Happy Mail

This one arrived last night from Dawn the colors are even yummier in person... :) Thanks Dawn! I was so surprised to find this in the mail box.
This one came to me from an wish-rak member (Xeyedlyza) Elizabeth F. and its just 3 1/2" square in size. ( and i don't know where she got it but she has perfectly sized envelopes that little too) :) funny what we notice about other stampers cards eh?
This one came to me from Annette at the stamp shack. ( BuggainOK)
This one came to me from Pat G. in Canada from the stamp shack, i was trying to catch the googly eyeballs on the frog on the edge of the cauldron when I was shooting this one, and i didn't notice i had the rest of the card crooked. (ack) its really straight in real life though, this is a Halloween card for my birthday.
This one has arrived for my birthday this year from StampingMeg, Thanks Meg!! All the cake and words are all embossed and textured. really neat looking.
I've had this one a while, but it ended up in my stamped images box because it was stuffed to the gills with things to play with including some of those Asian images Flexie has been playing with on her blog recently.
Now this was just a plain grey steel file box i found at a yard sale a couple of months ago for .50 cents... i painted it red then added some basic grey paper to it and that was as far as i got with it, because the intention was to use it to file all the wish rak images and stamped images i have received from Internet friends... but, i have never gotten around to finishing the box, because i started using it. and now its FULL.
I did make some labels, but at the moment most the images have been moved from the envelopes they arrived in into Ziploc sandwich baggies, and now i am wondering if that was not such a great idea either since the baggies seem to take up a bit of room at the top of the box where all the zippers are... so, I may have to figure out something else.
a) stop making so many wishes
b) steal more time to make cards faster
Yesterday i received these froggie images with frog sentiments in the mail from HeyHeyPaula, and then when i went to the board to post her thank-you, I seen another post that the lady who is in charge of the wish-rak group feel off her roof last weekend so, she is (hopefully recuperating at home) but, there is a card shower request for her using images (or things) you received from wishrak, so this is a little something i sent to her this am. ( and it won't get posted at sps for a few days so i know she's received it first)


Fink said...

You are lucky girl to be sent all those cards! How fun. I love getting cards in the mail from my online gal pals! The one you did for the girl who fell is cute. Please post more info on her since that is quite a fall!! I sure hope she is okay!

Heather Grow said...

I have a stamped images box too. I guess I'm trying to figure out why you need the baggies. Are you trying to seperate it by person who sent them? Do you have the baggies marked with the name of the images? I have mine filed by theme. That way, if I'm making a b-day card, I'll go to birthday images and pull something out.

Stampin' Meg said...

What a great idea of making that box to store your filed images. (I did steal your punch book idea and made one of my own-now it looks like I'll need to make one of these too!)