Happy Mail

This super cute card came all the way from Canada from Shelia {Babs2g} from the scs wish rak birthday rak! She says the frog atc was made by Jennifer Farmgirl_78.
This one came to me from Linda Lindylou1220 also from scs wishrak, I recently asked for India Ink black to be tested to be hopefully added to the acceptable list for wishes and these are images i mailed to Linda to test, and if you look very close at the centers of the in between the petals of the flowers there is some very slight green bling bling. really pretty. I think that she may have stamped the sentiment twice too to get the shadow effect of the two colors of ink.
This is an Halloween card from Nancy, {DirectMailScrapper} in the stampshack, this is an gatefold card and it had fun Halloween confetti inside ( which my cat keeps trying to steal the jack-o-lantern piece) the bottom circle works like a tab to keep the card closed.
This birthday card has resist stamping on the glossy cardstock that was hard to catch, hopefully you can see it, It came to me for my birthday from Lidia { MidwestStamper } in the stampshack.
This one was made by Joanie {CCStampin12} in the stampshack and the flower is 3-d with a pink rhinestone in the center. the leaves are layered cardstock too.
This one was made by Sherri { I love flipflops } from the stamp shack, and I just love how she paper pieced the top part where the frosting is, ( i haven't tried that yet with mine )
This one came to me from Pam { Smiley Collector } in the stamp shack, and its an gatefold card and the little hedgehogs are attached to the left side. Its almost impossible to see, but the printed paper background with the spots was embossed with circle patterned cuttlebug folders ( don't know its real name haha)
This last birthday card is also from Nancy {DirectMailScrapper} in the stamp shack and it too is an gatefold card with the Kitty attached on the left side and the circle attached on the right to keep the card closed. I am really liking this design and plan to tinker with something to do some similar types of closures soon. :)
( ah thanks for the birthday wishes ladies, my birthday is actually next week so, its been such a fun month this month to go to the mail box.)


Deborah said...

WONDERFUL cards, Happy Birthday to you!

Linda M. said...

What lovely and pretty cards, Stacy ( and Ladies!! ).

You need to have a Victorian board like Meg has to display these puppies!!