Paper Trey White Cardstock

Something interesting, I opened my big mouth on the wish rak forum ( what else is new eh?) and offered to help test inks if it meant more inks could be added to the approved list of items... and as it turns out one of the testers did not have time to do this round of tests, so i was sent some quarter sheets of Papertrey's white cardstock, this is some of the photos of things i did to it, if you click the photos a pop up will open with a larger view ( hopefully you can read my chicken scratchings on them)
these were all shot on top of a piece of SU whisper white cardstock. the above images are almost flat now about 3 days after, all of these were done late friday afternoon.
heart image is from Savvy Stamps
Angel Image is from SU
Flower image is from SU (art of life) this is stamped in Earth Elements watercolor crayons direct to rubber. I've got piles of things to share, but, the light has been too dark for photos here lately ( raining and gloomy out )
have more news from the hospital too, so i AM going up there in Oct, and i WILL meet the surgeon, but, i will also spend the whole day going from dr. to dr from test to test, before i meet with him. so it will happen more towards the end of the month. I guess i should be glad they are not going to rely on all the results sent to them by dr.'s here ( before they you know cut open my head) but, i wish i did know a little more. patience is NOT one of my own virtues...


Jennifer said...

Stacy, this is really a cool comparison. I'm sure it is a pain to do but it really shows some interesting info about paper and colors.

Keep us posted about your trip to the hospital. All of this must be so difficult to deal with the unknowing but hang in there. It sounds like things will turn around soon.

Fink said...

They were cool comparisons. Amazing what differences there are.

I hope the hospital stuff goes well. Unfortunately, you have to spend so much time doing the testing! Bring plenty of stuff to do!