Who is punishing Whom?

Did you ever wonder who thought up "grounding" as a punishment? and just who is it supposed to punish? the child or the parent who gets lucky enough to be home with the said grounded child? {My vote is the parent, and yep, J is grounded this week... come on next week! ;) } Its only so bad because its been blowing snow off and on all day and i cant say go out side. besides his room is a disaster zone and I'm about ready to take a day off and empty it and take everything he owns to the good will its so bad and he is so lazy to not put anything away. Poor kid cant figure out how he got stuck with such a mom.. This is just a simple one, its 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches square the su background is heat embossed with Pink moire embossing powder then cut into one inch strips. the circle scallop punchies have liquid pearls in the scallops and the sentiment stamp is from the $1 bin at Michael's. I'm thinking it needs more contrast around the edges so I may end up dragging a brown ink pad around the edges of the pink card stock.


Patty H. said...

That is an awesome card! I love everything about it!
So YOU are grounded this week...LOL
I know what you speak of, I raised 4 children. LOL

Anonymous said...

I just love this card. I love pink and brown together. I looked for the SU background stamp but couldn't find it. Can you give me any info on it? Thanks lot. You do beautiful work. Love visiting your blog.

~Stacy said...

Hi Joann,
that stamp is called Filigree
I belive they do not make it anymore, but if you type in filigree in eBay it should bring it up. ( that is where I got mine, i keep kicking my self for not getting it while it was in the book)
Thanks for stopping by at my blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi Stacy,
Thanks for the info on the Filigree stamp. I will try to find it on e-bay. I really enjoy visiting your blog.

~Stacy said...


this is a link to an ebay auction that ends in a few minutes... but, it shows you what the stamp looks like.
I don't have an email for you of id send this to you directly.