Artfully Asian

Hopefully you are seeing a card photo, as i type this i am seeing 5 lines of html code instead of a photograph... I have wanted this stamp set forever (well since the last big book came out from su anyways) ;) and i got it at MIL's party in Feb and finally had some time to play with it last night. the weathers dark here so the colors are Off a bit in the photo. the red ish color is actually cranberry crisp (which is kinda muted in real life) the blooms are colored with the ruby red marker. and the white parts are from the gel pen. the little bird is from the center of the A Muse Artstamps new "birds on a wire" stamp. (if you scroll down there should be a blue card that uses that whole stamp somewhere recently below) This card is 6X6 in real life. an Partial update on me. Monday DH and i went in to see the specialist Dr. about my ears and then i went to another place and had a ct scan done on my head. the gist of it is where it stands now is, our insurance will cover part of an Implant surgery and so we are waiting on test results more or less. people who have had many infections in their ears sometimes the muscle that reads the sound waves turns into bone. if mine has turned into bone they cant do anything. if it has not turned into bone over the years, they can do an implant surgery that puts a mechanical device inside your ear in that muscle and then sometimes there are antenna things coming out of your skull behind your ear. and then you can hear again from that ear. ( for one ear this costs more then a new vehicle) so, if we can do this we will but, only in one ear. I'm partially worried that i wont recognize the noise as words. and i guess i will have to have some kind of learning what things are when you hear them again type therapy after too. but, the good part about this is because i was not born deaf and i can speak my brain will recognize things it remembers as words. (they can't do this surgery for people born deaf who never learn to speak or have a verbal info in their brain) So we are just waiting, distracting my self with lots of piddly stuff and trying to find time to just create is really hard. so it was esp. fun to put that simple card together last night.


Jacqueline's craft nest said...

Wow, absolutely gorgeous!

Renee (redhead68) said...

Beautiful card Stacy! Good luck on your surgery...if you opt to have it. A dad of a guy I work with had this surgery done a number of years ago. It helped him alot. Renee

Allison said...

I love this...that bird is perfect on the SU stamp!