Big Lots Loot

went by Big Lots yesterday... found some dollar goodies.
our store here did have a few more wood mounted stamps (nothing that
i needed or wanted and some yes were even PSX which is why i had decided
to stop and see... but, the ones it had were less then one inch square and on
the ugly side...)
Im thinking these mail box numbers may be fun to add to birthday cards.
Havent opened them yet but there is supposed to be 3 zero's and one of all the
other numbers too so you could do the over the hill cards with the no.'s
It's possible to alcohol ink the white parts too...
I've done it with the Letters in the past.
anyways thought I'd Share, most the snapshots ive seen lately have been
stamps only.

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Nancy Maxwell James said...

woohoo! wonderful loot! I have the Marcella monograms and love them!
Thanks so much for your kind words and support about my Dog. I really appreciate it!