Dog Hunt Trials and New Cards

There were AKC Dog Hunt Trials held here in White City this weekend. the Breeders that we got Storm from Invited us to come by and see it. so we went. It was interesting, and looks like something we may work at finding out more about. { probably as something to do in retirement as it looks like a full time job!} to train your dogs to do something like this. It was raining (non stop) so since we didn't intend to stay all day, we were the only people there in street clothes (got soggy) The Dogs focus on White so everyone was wearing camo or Dark clothes ( we did do that ) I didn't take any photos of the dogs during the master trials that we watches. Didn't want to cause a distraction. This was a shot of the road, pas that first tent there were tents in the fields on either side where the trials were happening. This card is 5X7 in real life, the fabric sentiment sticker reads Cheer Up! Flower stamp is from Penny Black and the background French Script is from SU. I don't know if you can see it in this photo but, i picked up something called a sakura gel pen, and i used it on the eggs. it did a very slim line of bling bling glitter type ink. So the card does sparkle in real life when you tilt it. This is a stamp (Northwoods) that i picked up out of a clearance bin yesterday after the trials. The Craft Warehouse store in Medford is downsizing their stamp dept. ( WAAA!) I have always made time to go into this store because they used to carry a LOT of stamps + a lot of May Arts ribbons that you can have cut to order. Hopefully next time i go back they will be done with the remodeling and the stamp dept will still be there. Pretty Much everything in it was marked down so lucky me i also was able to replace my heat gun (Finally) there haven't been any on the shelves where i live since mine died... Ah no word yet on the test results. Yes, if they find that they can do something then , yes i will have the implant done. It will take time no matter what though, they don't do that here its done in Portland and i believe there is a waiting list too. but, it all comes down to the test results that we don't have yet. If they come back that the insides of my ears have turned to bone then there is nothing they can do. if they can do it it will also involve some therapy after to get used to and re-learn what the noises are. But, yes if it can be done for me then yes, i will have it done. Cool stuff hmmm?

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Nancy Maxwell James said...

love your gorgeous cards! every detail is just beautiful!