{Shopping continues...}

ah, So. I have been muttering about scrapbooking something again for a few months now. But, every time i go into my playroom i come out with a card or 3 or 5... so, between the links in the sunroom, the emails about the good deal. the push ahead of time on Ali & Cathy Z's blogs.. i caved and ordered this: http://www.lisabearnson.com/kotm/minisites/index.html haven't received an its been shipped yet, but there is supposed to be an Online crop hosted by Ali Edwards on NSD (May 5th) not sure i will do that part, but i think what drew me in was the stamps. how sad is that? I love her handwriting though. :) you know the hard part for me when i look at scrapping anymore is that everyone is scrapping these gorgeous photos of their families. don't get me wrong i know how to take good photos and for the most part i am happy with mine. but, i don't get those posed (yeah i know they are posed) totally cool couple shots or ones of like hands being held because, my family won't sit still or pose... I have caved and ordered the Prisma Alcohol based markers, and the biggest pack {120} of the prisma pencils i could find. got really good deals on them. hope full the fumes on the markers will be something i can tolerate. I tend to color with my nose a few inches above the cardstock so i can see. Got A's b-day gift ordered and its been shipped (whew!) i had picked up something she wanted in a local store a few months ago and like 3 days after i bought it she writes to me and says oh i went in this store and i got this thing and they told me that you had just bought one just like it... ( when i bought mine they told me it was the last one!) ~ haven't been back in that store since... I got my Bella's! I ordered these from http://www.stampingbella.com/ a while back and they arrived. I got them mounted on the cling foam but have not a chance to play yet. I ordered the grumpabella, the getwellabella, and i don't remember the names of the others. there are already new ones out. yikes. no wonder the receipt said welcome to the addictabella club lol... This coming weekend there will be a "yard sale" in the real rubber stamp store in Medford {about 80 miles from my house} and every year i say oh that would be cool to go to, so this year I am going and i am taking A with me... Supposed to be stampers bringing in their used stamps to sell. So we are gonna make a girls day out of it and hit the Michael's, Craftwearhouse and possibly Joann's while we are there too. J needs a new shirt (spring photos are next Monday) so maybe swing by Penny's in the mall. do a Cosco run. stuff like that. I am on a clean and purge kick at the moment though. Took a full truck load to the Goodwill yesterday morning and got a bunch of stuff packed up to sell. It looks like its a hit or miss thing as to if they will sell. so who knows, cross your fingers!

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