just playing with the camera again~

this was shot with the camera resting on the table. some really cool metal baskets. (holding paints and tags and such) oh this was fun, found these clear paint cans at the lss on nsbd (what 10 days ago now i guess) so yesterday i dumped all the primas from the milk bottles onto my table and tossed them like a salad and put all the paper petals into these cans then stuck the old looking garden stickers on the side of the cans... ( I always end up dumping the bottles anyways to get the one i want and its alot easier to get your hand into one of these cans then poke a finger down the neck of the bottle... not sure yet what i am going to do with them all but thinking to wash off the lables and maybe use them as gift containers?? this one i shot in an answer to what do you do with all those clear blocks for your unmounted stamps? and mine are in that bottom drawer in front of the oversized ink pads... oh And i have been meaning to post this and keep forgetting but I got this link from Tess and its a site that keeps track of the blogs that you like to read for you and lets you know when one you read has a new post... which may be a good thing if you like to read ones like mine where the posts are not consistantly every day... http://www.bloglines.com/

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