In an Altered state of mind...

These are wooden letters from Wal-Mart. I have a box in my closet that is "things to be altered" (the lid does not close anymore)Sooo... decided it was time to actually DO something with some of it... I'm Keeping the S ;) The A I have already given to Alice... it was part of her box of goodies for her 40th Birthday. I'll talk more about that later I'm working on some flirty purse albums from the photos from that... This is a close-up of an altered Pineapple Chunks can, it has matte modgepodge as the top layer (including on the prima flower) Its holding some of my ink stipple brushes.

This is a view of all the food cans i altered in the first batch, the largest tall can is baked beans the skinny shortest tall can is Campbell's soup, the small round short can is a tuna tin. {you can get 9 color duster brushes in one tuna tinny by the way} This is a frontal look at my corner of our joint hobby room the top of the door to the walk in closet is right at 5 1/2 feet? and the ceiling continues to slant as you walk into it so its more like a walk in and huddle/stoop or on your knees... (yep, I've walked into the top of the door jamb more than once) And this is what it looks like from the side... I need to get a second tri-pod so that i can put the light bar on one and the camera on the other. It has wiggle issues to use them both on one, something inside the light bar is whats doing it but my close up shots of various storage pieces or what not all did not turn out right... Think i finally figured out which blue filter to use indoors to cut the yellow too. So that is like a huge Ah-HA! thing for me... {now lets hope i remember}

Not much going on otherwise here the weather has been gorgeous, we will unload the second truck load of compost manure into Tim's veggie garden area tonight when he gets home with it, making the grand total of 3 truck loads in it... (this truck is comparable to two truck loads like i was doing last year.)

I've got blooms everywhere... cool beans! gotta get more of the photos scanned maybe later tonight (maybe not they hopefully are playing a new one for L O S T )

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Patty H. said...

Your stamp room looks awesome! You have it set up so nice and everything is easy to get to. Nice job!