Ribbons Ribbons and more Ribbons...

I don't think I have mentioned how much i LOVE ribbons or even gulp... (how much i have collected of it) Its something i have bought all of my adult life.... so i have it in all shapes and sizes, most colors and textures. I keep meaning to make time to hit the old thrift type stores to look for vintage laces and such, but never actually do it. Our walmart has been re-vamping their crafts section all the way through. On a recent trip these are some of the new ribbons i found the plainer ones have 4 yds on a card and the fancier ones such as the velvets have 3 yard on a card and they are all the same price, under 1.50... A while back i had made these ribbon garlands with the thing holding the photo to the garland is a drapery rod hook... so, i have some Christmas ribbons cuts to do this again to have one to hang the photos that come inside the Christmas cards in. another look at the garlands in my space... they are pinks, greens and creams... I'm not sure if the ribbon addict blinkie will blink on here, its not blinking as i type this but, its one i use as part of my siggy in a few scrap sites... If the shoe fits ehh?

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