More Cards again... *Ü*

This is the card i had made for DH for Easter... One i had made for Alice... her youngest dd gets married June 10th. One for fun to see if i could... I did this one for a swap i hosted recently. the sewn flaps open and the flower is just tucked behind them. New stamp... had to play with it... used that cheap cheap Walmart velvet trim. :) {cheap as in not too hard on the pocketbook its actually well made for the price tag.} got some "folds" in it from being wound on that flat card however... NE1 know if you can Iron velvet ribbons?? (I know you can run most ribbons through your hair curling iron to get them out but i don't know about the velvets) this is a MINI card. the card base is 2.5 X 5.25? (have to measure again) but at any rate it uses up odd balled pieces of scraps and its kinda fun to decorate them this small. I'm making a stack of them to tuck into little packages and lunch boxes and such... this is one from yesterday for a color challenge on the stamping board at 2P's for the colors were pale green, pink and chocolate... More later... gotta run and pick up my photos! maybe I'll even scan some later hee hee..

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