So, I am creating "cheat sheets"

Today is Opening day of Duck Hunting season, so the guys were up at 4 am and out the door. I'm already starting my Christmas Cards too, or they will never get done. each time i think keep it simple there is just too many people on the list to go crazy with them, but it doesn't work out that way because even the simple ideas & doing them assembly line way takes time. So, I think i am going to seriously keep track of the cards that come in this year. People who don't send me one will be bumped off the list, Nope, it's not a threat just a sanity saver. The older i get the easier it is to go Bah-Humbug. Why is she talking about Christmas already?!? (I'm glad you asked... I went to the fabric store to look for things that will work for James to be Harry Potter for Halloween and they have all there Christmas OUT already. We haven't even hauled the Halloween decor out yet... Why do they do that? by the time i want to see new Christmas Ideas I'm sure the good stuff will be gone already and (like i really need more) NOT!! So I have been making these altered Rolodex Cards to put into the flipper file below, they hold photos and dates on the fronts sides and names and snail mails etc on the back sides... This is a couple of the anniversary ones... Doing birthdays too as I usually look at the Calendar and go dang there is no way to get a card there by tomorrow. (or two days from now) So i have it divided by months. There's about 50 family cards in it now, so its like a portable scrapbook, when I'm done with it I may park it on my desk at work. For my self, I don't remember things unless i write them down, but as a list maker and a paper journal keeper its almost like drowning in paper here. Plus its hard to go back through the paper and find the info... I try to write down things that i used to take for granted such as we went to Salt creek falls on the Sunday before Labor day as a short road trip in Tim's new truck... (we took lots of photos) but see i don't know that date anymore to be able to write it on the photos. so if i had not just written that it would be a who knows when thing by they time i get around to scrapping those photos (if i do) I don't scrap everything. (thats what they make photo albums for) I think i like this blog, I esp. like the fact that i type much much faster than i write and the insert a photo is pretty cool too. so i will probably be linking you guys to this to help you "keep up" with us since it may be faster to type an update this away then to email everyone. (esp. since a good portion the mail we get from family are jokes) Have a good weekend! I think i need to find my witchy poo stuff! ;) ~Stac

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