A Beautiful Morning...

These are on the counter in a row right this minute even as you peek at this blog waiting for the annual Carving ceremony to be held later today... (Tim grew all 6 of these in his garden this summer) :) todays plans includes dinner out (haven't decided where yet, picky James will not eat much you know) This Mornings events included coffee in bed, Huge breakfast cooked (with a spotless kitchen) & Opening the cards from the guys. Who have decided to spoil me with a gift certificate to my favorite Local scrapbook store. Whoo. so yes, this is partially what spoiled looks like... (I have put most the things away, but i did buy myself a pair of tall brown leather boots for skirts) I have wanted some for years and years and i wear skirts all the time. :)

Look Look, I DID get your cards :) and gifts! and emails and email cards! Yep I do read my e-mail at least once every 24 hours and some days more often not to worry. :) I know some are still coming in the mail and that happens. Dont worry i will holler when i get them. :)

So here's hopping you are having as good of a day as i am.

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