Dare I Hope???

This is NOT a normal view in our house, usually he's glued to the boob tube or wanting to play video games...

It's almost amazing that Tim and I grew up without such things ehh?

(school homework... free reading 30 minutes daily) ~ the first day he read one of his books 6 times to make it 30 minutes... then i handed him Harry Potter the next day... so now he's already into the second book... some days he forgets to watch the clock and reads past the 30 minute mark! (others he whines about how bad his eyes hurt and is it time to Quit yet??)

Oh yeah in the quest for the perfect Halloween costume i picked up a witch hat at Wally world that had stars and moons on it, cut the brim off and sewed a black satin blanket binding to the edges and Ta-Da! Its now a Wizard hat! GO MOM! ;)

however i have been informed the cape i picked up is actually a Star-Wars guy cape NOT a HP cape (which should have sleeves) SO, since he has Star-Wars stuff he may end up going that route. (like i have endless patience, time & funds for him to be everything he wants in one night hahahaha...)

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Patty H. said...

Your son is very handsome! My kids use to surprize me by reading all day. I am afraid they got it from there father. LOL