WOYWW #404

So, as it happens... I did cave and order all the colors of the oxide inks... ( they still have not shipped) I happened across some in a store this afternoon and 3 of the colors I think I will use the most followed me home... Yes, I am rolling my eyes.
I did make a card on sunday while hubs was trimming his peach trees and that and what was used for it is all still needing put away. (better shots of the card are in the post ahead of this one)

I have a headache so, I am thinking I will attempt to do something "cool" with the new inkpads maybe tomorrow... maybe the next day.

If your curious why the mess is on display you can find all the who/what/why info here at our hostess Julia's blog.

It's probably going to be tomorrow before I start poking around and making the rounds. on another note the dining room table was delivered on monday. ( it's solid wood and very heavy) and its too cold here to open the windows. today is the first day this week it has not snowed again. and it smells funny. ( must be factory maybe stain fumes?) so, I think that is where the headache is coming from. hopefully that goes away soon.


Sharon Koole said...

Table looks lovely. It's probably the 'new' smell. Would be better if it was Spring and you could open the windows for a while and let some fresh air come in. Another desk with distress inks on it! Seen a lot of them this week - can't wait to see the projects you use them in.

Sharon K #34

Sarah Brennan said...

i think there will be many more desks with the new Distress Oxides before long. Just waiting for mine to arrive. Hope the head ache goes soon. Sarah #24

Kelly said...

HI Stacy. Too funny on the Oxide pads following you home. now you'll have duplicates of those 3 colors. LOL That dining room table looks beautiful Hopefully, you'll get a nice day soon that you can open the window... even just a couple of inches and let air circulate through there. Hope your headache is better. Creative Blessings! Kelly #42

glitterandglue said...

Hi Stacy - yes, I'm with Kelly - I have this fun picture in my mind of these little pads with legs.... running down the street to follow you... Sorry - warped sense of humour here! The dining table and chairs are indeed lovely - but I agree - things these days arrive smelling weird! magazines that are wrapped too early after printing just make me feel really ill - admit to not having bought a new dining table for - oh my goodness, I've just worked it out - 40 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't remember that smelling when it arrived! Hope it soon sorts itself out for you.
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #9

Lindart said...

I see my favourite Distress colours on your desk today! I want those oxide Distress inks - but will have to wait until I can afford them. Maybe one at a time? LOL! Enjoy your new table, but those fumes have got to go - maybe open the window for ten minutes and go to a warm room and close the door? Hope the headache goes away! Thanks for sharing, Lindart #40

Angela Radford said...

I so love the new Oxides and have started using them, they are quite different to the old Distress inks. Happy belated WOYWW, Angela x 21

Dorlene Durham said...

Nothing like a headache to stop your creative mojo. I hope you start to feel better. Dorlene #41

Sharon Madson said...

Beautiful dining room set! Ok, I don't know what the oxides are, don't want to know! I am just now getting the distress inks which I guess they are discontinuing! LOL
I am slow. Thanks for your earlier visit Stacy. Have a wonderful week!