WOYWW #355 {cleaned & Happy mail}

 Happy Wednesday! If you'd like to play along with us shoot a shot of what you are pushing around in your space and link it up here on our hostess Julia's blog.

 This was shot at about a quarter to 8 am here on wednesday. ( I never made it upstairs after work on tuesday as I was driving all day for work ( through the snow) and I get a little flash burned feeling in my eyes when that happens... but, on Monday night I did receive some of the new release stamps for April from Two Paper Diva's along with something I can play with now...
Which you can see below.
The interesting part of this shot is, you really get the effect that I am stamping in a cave up there yes? ( I really am most of the time) and I do have a third ott light near/above the big shot that is a floor model I can bend around and shine at that left side of the table as needed but, I wasn't there to play just to show you all a peek so, I didn't turn on that third light.
also on the left is a card I did for VSN on monday that was for having Mixed Media Hair. that I have not gotten to blogging yet. ( thought I would have time to make the last three tuesday and wednesday haha. I either have to make that drive again today or tomorrow. as yesterday was a emergency pit stop ice pick up until my regular order arrives)

Isn't that fun? ( it's been raining and snowing here for every day of this new spring so far) So, depending on how work goes will depend on how late it is before I make the rounds this week. Have a good day! & thanks for stopping by.


Felicia Aaron said...

Stacy, your work desk is sooooooo clean!!! And I totally understand the "cave" thing! My art work station is in my walk-in closet! Its space nevertheless, but it's a closet for goodness sakes! LOLOL I love your happy mail and what cuteness with that little set that is showing! Good luck with all that rain and snow....eeek....it's supposed to be a high of 79 degrees here in good old Georgia today! Blessings, Felicia #55

Princess Judy Palmer said...

If only all caves were like this.... then I would go spelunking more often! Look at those new goodies! How fun. Thanks for the visit earlier and I had a good laugh that I unpacked my crazy cat lady box first. Actually, the cats were the last to come over after all the furniture and boxes. They stayed good and stressed until we started getting things put away. Now they love it. Of course, they are medicated with a cat happy scent plug in. PJ #61

Diane Futrell said...

Wow. Nice and clean. Cute new stamp.
Have a great day.
Diane - WOYWW #32

Lynsey McGreavey said...

Erm, great cave! I'd never leave! :D my wee area is like a cosy cave <3 love the stamp look forward to seeing what you make with it! thanks for sharing, happy woyww, Lyns #21 xx

Sharon said...

Very nice desk - lots of workspace. The new stamps look nice - hope you share what you make with them. It may be a 'cave' but at least it's your own space! I finally got mine after waiting 25 years lol.

Have a great week
Sharon K #51

April Story said...

I can't wait for you to share what you do with that awesome umbrella stamp!
April #60

Julia Dunnit said...

Ugh, I hate those sort of journey - I hope today was slightly better/shorter! So you're the OTT light hoarder! It does look like a cave - but hey, most of us have to create at strange times of the night and day! That semi haul of new stamps looks great - just the sort of thing to get me at the desk!

Aimeslee W. said...

Stacy, that's crazy - driving all day in the snow to find ice. Makes me giggle. Sounds like they need to invent some ice tooling, eh? haha I have done accounting for a few machine shops and know just enough verbage to be dangerous. xoxo