Shepherd's Market (display) 2015

 In the hallway that connects the gym to the cafeteria I had both sides of the hallway this time, but the school had put in a display case for extra basketball trophys on the other side of a doorway that goes into a tiny kitchen they use for consession stands during games. so, it was more like 1 1/2 of the hallway. there was barley clearance for double wide strollers to go through here. so, may need to rearrange the spinner racks next time.

 These are just blurry phone shots but, it gives you the idea.

 the ones on the bottom are general gift card's and tags and the two higher up were Christmas.

 I need to stain more clothes pins next year too because, I picked up a stack of those white picture frame hangers from Kohls this year and it gave me more places to hang things but, there was not quite enough clips so. the tags that normally end up inside the suit cases saying what is in that suit case or another did not get hung up either this time.

 Those are metal keys that came from Micheals a few years ago with some heat embossed tags.

I also need to make the wooden shelves longer before next time so they stick out from the ladder a few more inches. the way I used to display them into the walkway on just one side I always had one end of the ladder against the wall so, people could only get to things from one side on each one and so, having them flat this time makes it you could use both sides ( if there was enough flat space to park something on)
the weather was really good this year and we had swarms of people on friday with a slower pace on saturday. ( and I did really good ) There are no food things in here just paper cards, tags, altered gift sacks, things like that.

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Sabrina said...

You're getting a very smart look going with those fabric-filled frames! They look fabulous, Stacy.