Chick Cards

So, over the years I have seen Michelle make these chicken shaped cards and loved them every time, but recently I actually remembered to save her photo to my favorites so, I could try this some time. ( the shape did not look like oh my gosh you cannot even try to get that line that kind of a shape kwim?) On my version, these are single sided chicks so the back sides are just plain card base. I started with a 5" square and trimmed the sides to get the teacup looking body shape. The heart dies are all from the classic spellbinders set.

 I did ink all the printed papers with some van dyke brown ranger ink. the laces on each of these chicks are vintage.

 This button is also vintage and the eyes are the 5MM darice ones.

I took these printed papers from my scrap bin so, no clue on the mfg info except the corrugate is all fancy pants and the base's are neenah.

these actually went together pretty quick for me and I think it would be very easy to make a flock of them in no time at all.


Imo Thomas said...

OMG!I love these chicks. got to try it.

Robyn Oliver said...

Fabulous 'chick' cards Stacy