Saturday's cards

So, it is still bird hunting season here and hubs was up at ohdarkthirty again Saturday am so, after he left I had hours to spare before I had to be at the booth so, I ended up gluing these cards together. ( the bones of them were bits and pieces on the table of things I intended to make but, never got around to it) the Hail Mary is from Our Daily Bread Designs. the lace paper is an scrap with no mfg info on it. this one was 6" square in real life.

 This one that basket came to me via wish rak a very long time ago. ( I do not know who sent it anymore or the mfg info.) it was colored with pencils a really long time ago too. and it was one of those things that had some diamond glaze added to it because of the oops a while back. its up on pop dots over the corrugate.

another colored a long time ago one, the lace is vintage and this one is 6" square too. This one did not sell and the two above did. but, this one did get snickered over. it might be even funnier with the call your mom sentiment J sent for my birthday on the inside. so, its something to think about for later.
and yes, there is a ton of stuff to organize and put away today. ( it's all still in the trucks)

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