Birthday Gifts

 So, this one came from my grown son... ( he had a crafty friend who took him to a hobby lobby store in VA so...) the call your mom is a standing meme joke between us. When I find Marine Mom ones I post them to his facebook page. just because. 

This was from  Debbie at splitcoast from the birthday rak group.

This was from June as her first card from herself.  
And this one is the second one June made that is from the guys at work. those bitty butterflies are actually metal.
 This one is an RAK from Ann at splitcoast. (even the inside is decorated)

 This is an angled shot to show off the dimensions of the harlequins on Darlene's card.

 the way the colors flow on this is really cool.

 Now, this made me smile all over my face, it arrived all the way from Ireland from Sabrina.

 And I just loved this when I seen her post it to the gallery so, having it arrive in my mailbox was so cool.

 Now, this is an interesting thing to me that I am seeing more and more is that store bought cards are getting elements on them that are like handmade cards. ( cool eh?) ( I have a package of butterflies that look just like the one on this card) this one is from my motherinlaw.

 An angled shot from this one from gma Mary. the gems in the center are 3-D and the petals are all glittered and layered up over this card front.

 This one from Peggy's family look close at the tall bloom on the right..

 It pulls out to be a book marker. isn't that neat? :) 

This was nearly too pretty to open. ( from June, every piece was decorated) 

What it looks like unwrapped.

 Funny the mug on the left is from June ( filled with chocolate) the mug on the right with the matching box is from Alice ( filled with chocolate) 

Now this, this is way cool when I tell you Alice made this her self... not Alice asked someone to do it, she borrowed some guys tools and he supervised and made her run the saw and the nail gun her own self to do this Blue Star flag from wood. ( it's going to go on the front porch next year after hubs builds it so it can be protected from the elements.) for now it's in the garage waiting.
anyways thanks so much to each of you for thinking of me.


reflections:0) said...

Great gifts and out stand card's.
Happy Belated Birthday Stac!

Super Jen said...

Spectacular! Happy Birthday!

Angie said...

Wowzers! Beautiful gifts! LOVED the ones from your son. :)