Primative Stars

So the set up for the annual Hosanna Booth is next Thursday night, and so I cut some of these stars yesterday to make very simple tags with and the whole time I was cutting the stars I kept looking at the negatives. ( cut some stockings and holly too while I was at it but, have not done anything with those yet) and so, these negative pieces were turned into simple cards before the tags were done yesterday haha.

they are all A-6 in real life. using older papers or scraps and sentiments on the table. 

and other embossing folders too. 

I really like how these turned out but, the red at the top is my favorite. 

this one the base is not the same as the negative panel and Im not so sure I like this one at all but, its a card and its done. 

thought about hanging a second tag onto these that people could write a name onto but, decided to leave them plain in case people wanted to alter them. 

this ribbon came from Joann's the other day ( its on a few of the Santa keys) and its scratchy. ( yuck ) so, going to work on finishing off these rolls tonight or tomorrow since its not hoarding quality. 


Super Jen said...

Had to pop over and see what the set looks like. They turned out beautifully. Great way to use up something that might have just been recycled. "Not hoarding quality" = thanks for the morning laugh.

Bonnie said...

All are beautiful! I feel a shopping trip coming on!