Lamb's and Piggy's

4 days old.

all our sheep have the same color eyes.

this is a male hampshire pig. ( which is supposed to be a meat breed) dunno, we always had pink pigs and so did hubs family so. this is something new for both of us.

He was very busy today dug some ( mini ) sized holes in his outdoor pen and pretty much talks to us and has a lot to say. is very interested in the sheep. 

has some bowls and bedding inside the barn.

Now there are 8... the last female sheep had a lamb about 7 pm tonight. its another boy. 

He looks a lot like his dad too. and he is larger looking than the one born 4 days ago. 

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Jennifer said...

I'm thoroughly enjoying your photos of the new wee ones. Will be fun to watch them grow up.