First Auction

Nope, I didn't buy this. in fact I did not buy a single thing... didn't have a number.
 but, Hubs had one... so 
This was the adventure. I have never been to a live auction in my life. I've been to livestock auctions but, not one where "things" were being sold... so, this was a two day thing, there was a "preview" on friday.
 (we went) then we had to go back again to actually register and get the number.
then the auction actually started at 9 am on Saturday. ( out doors... it was 24 degrees when we woke up) 
the wind blew all day. the fun part for me was I could actually understand the auctioneer. that was cool. he had a cool accent slightly Irish also when he was just talking or telling stories. this was a little out of town in the country so, it had barns and out buildings and such. so some of it was held under big tents in the middle of a field and some of it you trooped to barn to building to behind said structures... and it didn't matter where you went the wind was blowing and it was cold. think around 2 pm it got up to 40 degrees according to my phone. 

Here is some things I learned that I hope I remember in case we ever go to another one.
bring a blanket. bring two blankets. bring chair pads. wear more clothes.
and DO NOT say that looks "cute" after 7 hours and all you really want is for it to be over with so you can go home to your husband on something from the back of the bidding section if neither of you noticed it or looked at it during the preview... ( chances are its neck has been broken and glued back on) but, you'll win because, you did not want anything... all day... 'cept an old camera that was being auctioned off with a box of Junk that was being bid on by hubs friend from high school... 
he got the whole box for $3.00
and hubs actually told him you're lucky... Stac was gonna bid on that because, she wanted the camera 
(mildly) and he handed it to me. because,
he bought that lot just to get an old sepia photograph in the box, 
and so the camera was a gift. 
and it was an adventure. and I would like to go again I think. 
maybe I will even get my own number. 

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