Winter Wings Big Lens Shoot

Tim and I stole some time this morning to do the Leo's Camera "big lens" field trip class... so these were shot with an borrowed Cannon D7 or 7D ( forgot its name) with an 100-400 lens. ( which does not seem to be much different then looking through an Pentax K7 with an Sigma100-500 on it. However when it was my turn to put the borrowed store body on the Cannon 800MM lens that was cool ( my shots with it are not worth sharing) but, it was a fun morning and we're glad we went. Tomorrow i take the "secrets of Raw" and Sunday I take Lightroom Basic's classes at OIT. We may go back out tomorrow sometime before we get the puppy dropped off and play with our own camera's ( we had them with us and both of us got better shots with our own toys, but these were some of the better ones with the borrowed camera)

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Breathtaking photos!!!