Light Trio ( 6 pack)

Knew i needed one more Card for the January 6 cards and knew i had pp with lights on it and Moose images already colored, but when i found the pp in the stash ( this is one of the oldest pieces of paper i own, and it has no mfg info on the back of it) The Paper turned out to be the wrong colors ( because, of that steely blue is bulb) so. Cut it up and squeezed 6 cards out of the sheet. there is some grey/silver offray satin wrapped around the bulb die cuts. the silver cord is unknown, the bulbs are up on pop dots. these were cut with the sizzix die that does and Ornament and Stocking at the same time it does the light bulb. There are 6 of them all together at 4" X 6" in real life. The Merry tags were done with the su tiny tags and punchie.

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LindainNCtoo said...

I like that die better than my Christmas light one. I like the hole in the end. My Sizzix die does not have that.