Windmill scene simple

Shot with an fix focal length 100 macro lens on the new pentax K-7. totally auto. PSX image stamped with Versafine on Neenah, sentiments from A Muse. this is A-6 in real life.
Switched lenses, this one was shot with an 16-50 again totally on auto. to see how it would look, the macro i was half way across my space to get the whole card into the photo, this one got to get much closer and had to zoom up on it to lose some of the background. going to take some tinkering to get this set up to do what i want to do with them... funny learning curve on the digital slr too. the white balance thing just gets me each time. so so far I'm getting better shots doing the totally auto settings. wandered around the yard and got some of the end of the season blooms going on now but will put them into their own post for all those not into flowers people can skip it...

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