Mood Swings?

I thought the "barbed wire" printed till went pretty well with this High Hopes stamps... I was lucky enough to take part in an "last hurrah" group retail order from them before they went wholesale only { Thanks Tami!} and I've so far only mounted these three stamps. the red pp is the back side of an stripe my minds eye and the black dot ( I've forgotten already will look later) the cream linen is Neenah and the brown texture is Bazzill this is 5 1/2 Square in real life. funny thing i was sewing along the pp edge and listening to my ipod and while i was working on this a George Strait song came on that was "you know me better then that" part of the lyrics were "you know me better then that, how moody i can be, all my insecurities, you've seen me lose all my charm... you know i was raised on a farm oh you know me better then that" and I'm sitting here looking at the cows face expression cracking up.


Tami said...

super cute!!!

LindainNCtoo said...

Love that cow!!! You know me.........cow collector in NC.