end of the season blooms {yesterday's}

Gerber daisy. {second year} Di gave this plant to me last year for my birthday and we kept it indoors all winter.. and i planted outside last spring.. so gotta get it re-potted soon... it will be interesting to see how long it will live. ( as an florist bloom not a hardy plant)
This is the rose bush i planted when J was born and Auntie Viv dug it up so i could move it to this house... (an Harry and David miniature) that gets to be about 4 foot tall and 3 feet around now a days... miniature my foot) lol its peach in real life had a little bit too much sun on it when i shot this one. ( late afternoon)
thought it was cool you could see the hair like edging along the outer layers.
Mallow {planted from seed!!!} *gasp* yes, can you see me thumping my chest in a Tarzan type way?? I don't do "seeds" ( i weed them) so it amuses me that this one lived (from a whole packet mind you) and these are hard to shoot, the flowers hide towards the inside of the plant near the stalk so and they are pretty small too although the plant is at least 3 1/2-4 foot tall ish..

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Janice M said...

You have such BEAUTIFUL flowers Stacy!! You take such great photos too!