Johnny Appleseed Thanks

This didn't turn out in my mind the way i thought it would when i was thinking about it... (teach me to think) most of my cards are not planned they just happen. this one i think the embossing of the leaves lost too much of the definition even with the subtle ink colordusting to help it pop the green panel is some really thin handmade type paper so it relaxed after. started this card knowing Carrie was sending me these apple images to play with and so that could be part of it too, the doing it in stages thing. there is a bit of diamond glaze over the apple.
the check pp is from basic grey, the green embossed panel is unknown, the pink base is Stampin Up. This is about 5 1/2" square in real life. and headed out to Morpar35 for my Johnny Appleseed gifts box she sent to me for the wrak exchange a couple of weeks ago. Today will be day 3 on the antibiotics... lets hope they kick in soon. :)

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Sunshine said...

Love that apple Stacy! Great card! :)