We Got Peeps!

Tim has a friend who works kinda across the street from the Grange store here... and his friend has been stopping by there to help him stalk for peeps and today they got their last shipment for this year in... ( this is really late in the year for them normally they dont get any this late) most stores get them before Easter.
So there is 20 in there, most roosters will end up in the freezer eventually and thinking to keep one, and the Hens..


LindainNCtoo said...

Too darn adorable, Stacy.

I love the tag "label": EIEIO :)

Susan (peebsmama) said...

I remember when the little chicks would be delivered at the post office in late spring. We would get the call from the post office guy and we would come down to pick up our boxes and hear all the "peep"ing from the dozens of boxes for all the other local farms. We would bring them home and put them under the heat lamps and watch them run around and eat. They are so cute at that age. Too bad they have to grow up. But isn't that like that with all animals. Thanks for sharing. It brought back a really fun memory for me.