last weekends projects

the usual happened sat am, we got up bright and early and headed out for yard sales found this card file for 20 at the first stop... Thought i could use it to organize my done and finished cards but the max depth on the drawers is about 4 1/2 inches and quite a few of my cards are 5X7 or 6 inches square so no dice...
Instead i ended up moving all my pif and wrak stamped images and cuttlebugged cs quarters to two drawers ( there is room in these for some growth but not much)
This drawer has blank cut quarters i use to stamp on for pif and wrak and some envelopes and slips.
Die cuts from scraps and small tags and such. the other drawers are holding envelopes and other paper things. this emptied quite a few boxes this weekend. and its really nice to just pull open the drawers and not re-arrange the stacked boxes.
The second place we stopped at Saturday am had these three chicks, so this was Tim's find. we quit after that to come home and take care of them, then about 30 minutes before dark the black one disappeared... and we all of us hunted for it, no idea where it hid but it did come out Sunday am after it seen Tim rebuilding this blocked off corner of the coop the next morning. ( cant think of how to spell it but, its that kind of chicken that lays the fun colored eggs we had one before and we called her the escape artist chick)
Skunks have gotten all but the last 4 of the original Chickens we bought 4 years ago and we missed them when they hit the farm stores this year...so this was a lucky find too.
Grace is convinced we really got these birds for her to chase and is frustrated they are behind two fences from her.
we let the old hens out of the coop during the day
The sheep are getting more used to us already after just a week. One thinks its a goat and climbs the straw bales Tim has stacked up. One doesn't much like the little black field birds and spends time flushing them from where ever the sheep are eating.
Guys went fishing yesterday, J caught the most fish but Tim caught the largest...


Jennifer said...

I love to read your weekend projects posts. Whether it is cards, gardening, the animals or treasure hunting...your blog is so fun to read. TFS! :)

LindainNCtoo said...


You have so much fun. How do you manage the "farm life" and work, too?

Enjoy reading your finds at yard sales. We have nothing like that around here.

Keep sharing----