Few More Iris

bought an assortment pack of "batik" Iris from brecks two years ago... these are the first blooms from them... (other colors i think have died)
This one has variegated leaves they are green, yellow, white... (and its fragrant)
Double ruffle white
This is a dark blue on the bottom and white on the top
orange/brown/yellow ruffled
Solid Yellow. ( I have so variations of the yellow and white and peach and white ) that have not bloomed yet, missed the dark peach solid this year, all the miniature iris this year (you can see some of them from a few years ago under the "our garden" tab)
One of these days i really really want to drive to that iris nursery farm in northern Oregon and get some Red Iris. I have some mauve and some dark burgundy that are really close to each other but i am just enamoured with the idea of Red as its not a color you see often...
seen a burgundy ruffle edge with cream centers across the street from a house having an yard sale yesterday... cant tell you how hard it was to not go bang on the door and beg for a piece... ;)
Happy Weeding... have more photos (yard sale loot and fur baby mug shots will try to get in later)


reflections:0) said...

So very, very pretty Stac.... All of mine are done for the year and I think of you each year that the bloom my friend...


LindainNCtoo said...


The irises in our neighborhood bloomed back in April ( got really warm early this year ).

I love your sharing the photos.........