A very Long Busy week

Here is an little advice... if you ever have to have an surgery, do not leave your stampy space looking like this, its utterly deafeating to view when your not standing up for long periods of time yet... ;) So, not sure where i left off last but, Friday a week ago i felt really good, i expected to go to to work, do the payroll taxes and such so while i waited i did three loads of laundry and pretty much stayed up all day. so Saturday i crashed and started over again, Sunday was better, then Monday i was thinking human thoughts again and ended up taking Grace to the vet diagnosis was an infection and an fever of 105 + and dehydration... was told if she wasn't drinking on her own by the next day on these pills bring her back, but she started drinking again and seemed to be getting better. so Tuesday went to work. didn't stay more then a few hours, wed same thing, Thursday i stayed home tackled that table and put together the card below that i had started before we left for Portland... then Friday was another short day at work, but by Friday night Grace seemed to be backsliding so i took her back to the vet this morning and she agreed with me that those pills should have killed the fever by now (this am her temp was 103 +) (normal for an lab is supposed to be 100-101 ish... anyways so Grace is at the vets they were going to run an new blood test keep her quiet and start new pills and work on figuring out what else is wrong besides the infection... (no word yet supposed to get an update tomorrow) which brings me to these cards (did them thursday, finally made it back up the stairs today to photo them...)
This is for Pam, I really don't think she reads my blog so its fairly safe to post. this is an PIF Elzybells UK sized image colored with prisma pencils. the circles are nestibilities dies and the pink shimmer shape is an SU top note die cut and the printed paper is from Basic Grey and the sentiments from Hero Arts. the cardbase is that newest su pink (this years in color cant spell it and am not going to go hunt up my book) the ribbons from May Arts and the glitter is Stickles... this is 5 1/2" square in real life. which brings me to the reason i went upstairs... today i am official the mom of a teenager.. (insert an smiley face with its eyes bugging out here)
This one is also an PIF image from Leibetty, (Thanks Leigh Anne!!) the whippersnapper Andre is colored with prisma pencils and the yellow mat was cut with an Martha Stewart "flourish" border punch. the mini brads are from doodlebug. the pp under that is Basic Grey (one of the very first lines they ever made) and the cardbase is bazzill. this ones 5X7 in real life.
So I guess i made such a cute card because it could be the last time i get away with it... its hard to make cards for teen boys. ( just ask me i will tell you) I guess what makes it hard for mine is he's still in the asking for toys mind set but, wants to be respected and talked to like he is more grown up then he is.
SO, everyone i see keeps asking me how is my hearing and what's new... well the thing is i still have the same programs in the original sound processor from December... so, most things sound the same thanks! I get the new sound processor on the 17th of March, so until that time no I'm not sticking my "ear" that has an years worth of learned sounds onto my stitches to test it... the surgeon already tested it while i was under so yes it works, and i have the patience to wait. funny thing i don't think of patience as one of my own virtues so it amuses me that i am willing to wait for this.


ribenaruby said...

Hi Stacy, just read up on the last couple of posts, wow, you've had a hard time,I'm thinking of you and these creations are so beautiful, Ruby x

Linda M. said...


Hang in there. You really have had a hard week between you and Grace.

Did you get my card yet?

Leigh Anne said...

hmmmm KInda looks like my desk every day! Lol - LOve the baby moon card!!

Dawn said...

Your desk and mine could be sisters...ROFL...Glad your starting to feel better. Just don't overdue dear heart!

Sharon said...

I'm so relieved that your desk resembles mine!!! I'm happy to read you're feeling better. I'm good these days, so I should be able to keep up better with my pals!!!


Susan (peebsmama) said...

Wow. Just reading everything you did this week exhausted me! I hope your dog is doing better. I know what it's like to have a sick pet.

Cute cards.

Cheri said...

Hi Stacy...this is Cheri from the Stamp Shack! I am glad to hear you are feeling better after your surgery. I have recently joined the blogging world so I can leave comments now! Your cards are always so wonderful. I hope Grace gets to feeling better soon.

stuffie said...

love the card you made for Pam, very sweet! Love the alogator too!!! I just Heart WS!!!
glad to hear Gracie is ok!