Recent Happy Mail

from stampin meg
from Linda in NC (this was the one in the open on st patricks day envie) these are snap shots from the Mardi Gras secret exchange swap i particiapated in inside wishrak. my secret jester turned out to be Balimac
Thanks Pam!
that large container on the back left is homemade toffee... ooooh Yum! I have never had anything like this before. and i love it! i could even chew it after we had come home from the surgery when my mouth didnt want to open very much.
this is an whippersnapper image Pam used for her revel card. :)
This was an get better quick card from Thimbles! Thanks Jennifer!!
an valentines i missed posting earlier with the others. from Linda in NC.
an cute little thanks from tackertwosome. Thanks Lena! got a big smile out of me for this one.
an get well card from Stampin meg.
and get well card and perk me up flamingo stamp set from Linda in NC. wow! Im nearly speechless. Thanks!!
an get well card from mountainmom Thanks Imogene!! :) (this came filled with images to color to boot!)

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