so 2 ears are better then 1

most of the time... :) I've had this sound processor for almost an week now. and its jumped a head a few steps when it was turned on, its just barley at a sound level below the one I've had for over an year. it only has one program (pure noise) with three volume settings so, if i get it to the top level before i go back to Portland again the ears would be about level noise wise... so, i never had the not high definition sound. which is good. but, still a little un-nerving when you've finally managed to ignore some noise. (what did she really say that?) yeah, there are noises you tune out. and I have even managed to do that... heating systems inside building walls, the echo noise you first when its first turned on, wind up the micro phone noises... so those parts are starting over again. but the funny thing is they don't seem to irritate me as much as they did learning to ignore them with the first one. crumpling paper noises, my paper trimmer. all of these are not good to listen too. (haven't made a card since I've been home) :) I've decided to get an ipod. will probably have to make time to stop by radio shack and look for some kind of a y splice thing so that i can use the one ear clip cord i have and be able to plug both ears into it. and i need an adaptor of somekind for the ears cord to plug into my cell phone. got a new one last month and this one has an micro-phone jack... I know that eventually this is supposed to make things sound better. the good part is that it seems to be progressing much faster then the first one did. On the home front All the electrical and lights are now in the laundry, bath and porch celing. :) next comes the plumbing. J has spring break this week and so this was not a good week to have a brand new ear... lol this child has no concept of quiet... and his cell phone rings off the hook.

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Stampin' Meg said...

What a bummer about the paper noises,Stacy. COme to think of it -I usually wear my IPOD when I paper craft too.